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        UN-like the  unknowably-invisible first baseman, on Louis's St. Louis Team [in the famous Abbot & Costello bit above,] Our members are real Our numbers arereal,  unlike the  claims of most of "those other" long 'established, Large Charities, Foundations, & Non-profits! ... When you're a member of this Organization:

    Your 'Cause, gets the money.... your 'Cause ...and/or your benefactors:  directly*:  the poor little  creatures in grave species-trouble trying to survive amid that drying-out-mud-puddle get it;  the self-less Tree-sitters saving Our precious American Sequoias get it; the Animal Rescue station barely making-ends-meet monthly in that far-far-away Jungle spot, miles away from any transport gets it; the sick-and-dying in your town, forgotten because they have no family get it; the Senior Center having it's funds cut back in your city because of a greedy-politian gets it; the children suffering substandard meals in Appolatia, foisted on their school-district by rich-well-connected-political-patrons get it; the dangerous aging structures in your locale, crumbling due an uncaring-town-councel get it...and on...and on...and on....a nearly limitless faction of recipients in This Nation, pre-qualified-by-Our-Organization, will recieve it DIRECTLY* ; and in some cases your stake-holders ... all 'proposed to Us, by You, and when Accepted --Granted Our Organizational _Imprimatur  [Go--Ahead!] by Us, in the ultimate caring/social partnership --between YOU, and Us!  ;)  

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     Minus ... ONLY the absolute LEAST we can possibly take out --as you'll see below, as we grow, and take advantage of economies of scale, it is our Charter's Policy that, we will strive to help you fund your 'Cause as much as possible;  to that end, O.U.R. Webmasters, Mentors, early Managers & Founding Coordinating Organizer(s) donate over 60% of the Cost of this very expensive Website/ Program Construction / and decades of trlal-and-error to 'You,' our members, for FREE.  That's right we've been eating the costs to 'establish this Foundation,' so that we can be in a position to strive to average of, ONLY about an extremely modest 23 -- 15 % -- of your Gross Collections ... needed --for Our business survival-- for our substantial direct-Costs, indirect expenses, and unpleasant direct-Overhead, for running a national-Platform-website & bricks-and-mortar, state-to-state-Infrasrture, and for all the Industry-upsetting, ground-breaking work in planning, creating, and executing real-life, on-the-ground, in-your-town-and-cities, physical Programs, supporting both Our cherished:  free (members), and Paid Members, in--good-standing, and of course, Our 'visitors,' & customers.

     How much:  would you otherwise expect, a legitimate company to expense for all that, for all that we've done, and will do for 'you?'    20%? you'd hope! 24%? ....  30%?'d expect! .... 40%.... 46 -- 55% ? you'd tolerate.... because you DO Tolerate that, from 'decades-long-established-charities-and-foundations-already!:

"Lets Look At What Some of Our Most Loved Non-Profits, Have Traditionally Done:" Click HERE"

        We strive toward an aspiratonal average of, ONLY about an extremely modest 23 -- 15 % for operational costs:  so you can be, as successful as you work hard to be!
       And of even that! least 5% of EVERY PAYOUT Retained by this Organization:   may be dedicated seed money that goes to:  sprouting 'local 1, 2, 3, Volunteer Groups,'
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