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      Your Organizing:   Carrying on Decades of Organizers' Struggle for Social GOOD!

            Legion has it that Our Founding Organizer was an extremely suppressed,  upper-lower working- class person.   It is said that he felt so strongly that there was a better world for him to exist in, and there were persons somewhere, who also wanted to make that so:   that he neglected bettering his own immediate circumstances, in lieu of struggling  to  establish this Organization.   Living in Central New Jersey, in one of the richest, upper-class areas of Somerset County...he founded a concept of networking before Networking  was a word.... where caring persons with Resources, would help, other persons without any resources. 

       Dedicated to those:   Suppressed, Oppressed, Repressed & Depressed by Circumstances.

       Being Oppressed  by Authorities, Repressed  by Politicians &  Depressed by Circumstances did not dampen his inner-drive to struggle against these factions day in, and day out, for, what dragged on --as it usually does for a person of  No Means to lift himself up-- for decades, against all odds.  His concepts grew out of  this powerlessness:      Unusually creative concepts, like  the  "Harold P. Clint"  FUND.

          It is based upon (the above) early struggle, his Ideal Example, of truly "boot-strapping"  himself up --long-suffering good-natured strength, whilst in deplorable straights, and he, still selflessly often thought of others suffering more, that we help others --who prove they can go out and help themselves afterwards:  once safe, dry, warm, and fed.       This, is one of the select, powerful mandates determining  Pillars of O.U.R. FUNDing. 

        Only helping the helpless, the hopeless, the hapless, & the homeless.TM   .... Our Social Services FUND motto:  drives O.U.R. decisions about what to Fund, & most importantly WHOM to grant to.

     But, these circumstances should be circumstantial, and not of recipients' own making:  out their control, and must be, well beyond their ability to change.  Or based upon a character or sub-clinical disease they inherited, and not caused by their hand;  that despite themselves, puts them at a distinct disadvantage.

     As too, is our World in Peril; The Earths Animals, Elements, and Natural Resources, are severely oppressed by man; our entire Earths systems themselves on the brink of demise. 

     Thus Our Natural Heritage FUND, seeks to lighten the burden of stupid men (and women), who misuse Our Country's political structure and distort our Customary Values:  Endangered Species need immediate interven- -tion; threatened species need our voices protecting their place on do the countless as yet, un-discovered plant & animal life amid whose diversity may lie the cures for most every evil disease and horrible malady on Our Earth, but, not if we loose them!

      Thus Our Natural Heritage FUND, seeks to lighten the burden on all facets of Our Earth, & it's inhabitants!

      And what better way to Administer, the hard-won funds of our blessed believers, OUR Valued  Members, than by 'like helping like.'  Peers! Our Founder learned from his American college-of- hard-knocks, that only those persons who've walked-a-mile-in-his-shoes, could adequately judge rightful recipients, of our largess.   So most naturally, we recruit OUR Leaders, ONLY from those selfless individuals who've already had the spark of altruistic spirit, long before we came along.  Thus, born:  OUR Honorary Organizers!

      So that's who We are:  we're your neighbor, your cousin, your stranger down the street, who've been there, suffered that, yet came through not with anger answering with crime, not with bitterness manifesting hatred: but with the wisdom to know we, human shells can live through it, and struggle to live above the human static,  & rise above it to help other American citizens out of it.  To be stronger; to be more aware; to be happier we choose the joy of living, not the pain of suffering nor defeat.

       That's why we promote from within --and always will:   because only those people who have actually lived through a tragic human moment,  have the intuitive sense of sympathy to understand others suffering that type of moment; only humans wrenched from their cushy lifestyle by accident or tragedy, seem to remember we're, our bodies, or our family's lifestyle, is all but an momentary accident, away from tragedy....these reminders are wisely built-into the Achievement Levels of this Organization's structure:  to remind us, generally as Americans,

 that so many of we, American citizens, over-protected, and coddled by our jobs, our bosses, our government, most times, otherwise forget the plights of our fellow man, or are too apathetic to care for our Environment.

        Likewise that's you've seen NO Star business person, at our helm; No star C.E.O.; no national-spokesman media-darling.  We have none!  YOU, are our local expert, on your, or the plight of your Cause.  You, our free or Paid-Member earning your way up OUR Organization; OUR Organizer, setting the tone, and teaching the country what is needed:  YOU are, our National spokesperson on your field, that topic of 'Your favorite 'Cause.'    Look to the model of the A.A. Organization, their success for lo many decades has been due not to a clueless, dictating hierarchy,, but peer-to-peer sufferers supporting their fellows steps to being an effective citizen based on local , decentralized Chapters.   Use this Website as your expert source; honestly try to help your chosen Organizer; give to their Group; Work from your heart to maintain your Own-Group: you will steadily rise '1, 2, 3!'


     1.) Choose a Topic in a FUND.     2.) Join or Start a Group.    3.) Do 'Activities,' P.R. & Promote "Your 'Cause!"


   We are a membership                                                                                                                                  dedicated to

   Improving Our Towns ~ Enhancing our Locales,  fixing Our Counties & Areas, & Rebuilding Our State(s) TM

We do this by donating this multi-channeled, growing Platform of Resources:  Programs, Administration, dire- -ction, & structure to this Peer-to-Peer Support Infrastructure, to Empower Indivuduals to Succeed --doing!             

              Domain services are the perfect complimentary business to having your own '1, 2, 3, Acct.  You'll see! 


    Your friends & co-workers mean so much to you .... show them you care by:   valuing their experience ~ share 'Your' rewarding, meaningful 'Cause with them 

  2 will Join Your TRIAD,  1 a valued Helper,  & 2 be Organizers of their own! 

Our '1, 2, 3, All American Package'

bradley grosh

"When Barb. and I started here, we didn't really know what to make of it?  After all, we'd never heard of it;

but then we thought:  why should that stop us believing in all the great Funds, and Intents this Organization
seemed to promote.  As you know from our tour, we jumped right in, and years later, we're still supporting
'1, 2, 3 Volunteers Groups,' and couldn't be happier for Our choices!

 We've been fortunate:  never experienced the hunger, the destitute, the homelessness we see around us in Our very own country, every day.  But we know it's just plain sad on us, if we ignore doing something to change it.   Guess, early Co-ordinating Organizers' saw Couple-Group, potential in us, giving back to Our Community, so made me Neighborhoods' Honorable. 

 We feel social connections between "different" people in our locale,  is the glue that makes a safer Town,
a vibrant County, and ultimately... a better Country.  Huge dividends of caring, even love, for a better world.

I wish you all the success me and my wife have had.

Every Blessing to you all ...  '1, 2, 3!' " .

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