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Welcome to Our Member's Activities ~ page.

 Our Heritage FUND

Save a Unique Facility

Conserve Pristine Fields

Organize Community Garden

Identify a Unesco Site

Endangered Species Work

Plant an Organic Garden

 Teach Water Conserving

Do Animal Help Works

Preserve a Lighthouse

 Teach Free History Courses

 Support Native Projects

Help to Save a Wetlands

Plant Trees  & Teach  Skills 

Save Burros & Horses

Create Wildlife Corridors

Spring Water Conservation!

 Rescue Dying Species

Collect /Threatened Species

Hold Indian/White

- Cultural Pow-Wows!

Unique Zoo Upgrades

Conserve Game Animals

Re-Zone Historic Areas !

 Baby Animals Rearing

Organic Farm Tours

Preserve Wildlife Areas 

What  Can  YOU  Think  of?


Partner 'YOUR 1, 2, 3, Group'TMwith any  established Charity --but with a twist!  YOU decide where your funds will go!  Just think about it! 

 Public  Education!   Preserve Heritage  Help Orphan Drugs!     Pets 'n People TM      Promote Traditions




"Hi! It's Us Folksies!  Get Your Free member No. and Get Started, Today!  What are you waiting for?  Some one else --to get the best:   '1, 2, 3, Volunteers!? TM

Which passionate avocation, will be YOUR  hardworking, Charitable '1, 2, 3, Group?'TM

"Welcome to social tools, & charitable resources needed to:  Enhance your Community, Improve your Area, & Re-build your State!"TM

To dedicate Myself to My 'Cause & Uphold '1, 2, 3, Organizers' Values!' TM

Just Think: How you'll feel, when everybody sees Your Group's Photo ~ Our Slide Show here!         Pretty, Darn, PROUD?!


Very PROUD! &...ALL Your Supporters WILL Surely be ...too!

do Projects!  Fund-raise! Hold Events!  TAKE                

Action!  in Your Locale & for Our Earth~ Today !                                                                         

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"NOW, Use Our LINKs below, to Propose Your chosen 'Member Activity to us..'

  Are you surprised ...Non-profit work could be this innovative?  We're Not!  Predecessor Organizers' TM have been working on these concepts for decades, to finally bring this prototype, Web 2.5 Website to you, our much Valued Visitor!  But, this Socio-Commercial Experiment is really a finely tuned series of Actionable Projects:  waiting to be done by you, a Nation of peer-to-peer Helpers:  designing your own Single or Group Activities, Events, Community projects, or Fund-raisers:  our as-yet UN-tapped army of caring-Americans;  building social repair in your locale.    You think only Corporations know more than grassroots folks?

             You haven't seen ANYTHING Yet!   Are you ready to Surprise your Friends with your enthusiasm?  Shock your co-workers with new-found business-skills?    Stagger your stuffy, old-fashioned Town-council with your ideas?

             Are you ready to change the World? ~starting with your Home, town...where Charity should, and truly Begins?

Then, buckle your seat-belt ~ squeeze into a comfy chair 'n get ready for a new Life~Style of Your Ride! TM        Because . . .

"Strangers are only Friends we haven't met --yet!         That's why everyone's welcome to Help!"     

 I Pledge to be an Active,Teaching Member !


Raise Money for YOUR 'Cause AND   Make Money while You are doing it!  Meet:   Profitable   Fundraising!TM  ONLY Here! TM :  at  '1, 2, 3, Volunteers!  TM

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make  EVENTS

From Lemonade Stands to Black-Tie Balls unleash your Social-Networker for your 'Cause.   Or, provide customers new savings& revenues! Win - Win- Win - Win!TM

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Social  Services

Assist A Care Facility

Senior Home  Visits

Pets Visiting the Sick

Helping  Disabled  Shoppers

Collecting for Spay & Neuter

Driving those w/ out  Cars

After School Clubs, Teaching

Neighborhood  Block  Partys

Grocery   Collections

Community Garage Sales

Give Medical / Nursing Svcs.

Donate Dental Services

Teach  Skills  Classes

Student  Field  Trips

Visit  Sick  Citizens

Teach  English  !!!

  Hold  Team  Challenges

Network /  Plan  Picnics

BBQ's ~ Rallys ~ Birthdays!

Organize  Town  Fairs

Autistic & ADD Therapies

Take  Over  A  Holiday   Event Coordinate !

 Help a Distressed Person

Comfort the Dying

Do Chores of Imprisoned

What  Can  YOU  Think  of?

  Join NOW!   As a FREE or Paid Member!


Start with Nothing:  Be a Town Hero:TM  Make changes the whole area is grateful for!  And go out an Prove IT CAN BE DONE! TM

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Collect for Student Needs

Teach  Citizens  A  Courses

Lend  Groups  Tech. Tools

Fund-raise  at  Planatarium

 Rock  &  Mineral  Seminars

Study  Town  Water Usages

After School Clubs, Teaching

 Challenge & Oust Climate - Change-Deniers

School S.T.E.M. projects

Field Intern-ships Grants

Support Science Courses

Remedial Tutor Grants

Teach  Skills  Classes

Student  Field  Trips

High-School Work Studys

Advanced Adult Courses

  Hold  Team  Challenges

Study Local Species Loss

 Endangered Species Havens

Books & Tools, Funds

 Invite Star Speaking Hosts

Brain Research Club

Field Discovery Research

Water & Air Keeper Studies

Little Children Long-Term

What  Can  YOU  Think  of?

Creative ARTs FUND

School Arts Projects

Group Collage Work

Town Project Quilts

Teach Your Skill: ie.:Knitting

Study Cubism Art & Beyond

Pottery, Glass, Metal work

Hold a Crafts Fair & Auction

Raffle Off: Art Classes

Art Therapy for Disabled

Community Art Auctions

More Art in School Cericula

Share Art-History Lessons

Teach  Skills  Classes

Student  Field  Trips

New  Music Therapies

  Community Mural  - Paintings

Art Expression for - the  Depressed

Produce a U-Tube Series

Intern'l.  Art  Exchanges

Low-budget Documentary

Coordinate !

Hold a FINE Art Auction

Host Celebrity Art Fairs

Donate Your Art to 'Us!'

What  Can  YOU  Think  of?

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